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We are all slowly getting used to the pandemic. Sadly enough, the numbers have stopped scaring people like they used to before they knew about what it was. Now we see every single person on the planet has at least once entertained the possibility of suffering from COVID-19. This mental preparedness has brought about a drastic change in the way people consume goods, look at healthcare, perceive education and security.

But most importantly, it brought about the “New Normal”. It’s funny how we all know what exactly it means or it stands for, even without having to explain the term. So here are 10 ways in which our lifestyle changed in the face of this new normal:

In the pandemic, safety is a priority. Sustainability is on a back burner. Masks, hospital gear, protective equipment, discardable barries and more have been flooding oceans and land-fills alike. Thank undeniable dangers associated with recycling this potentially hazardous waste.

Approximately 86% of Indians never used sanitizers on a regular basis before the pandemic. Now we cannot imagine living without it. An average household of 4 uses somewhere around 12–16 sanitizer bottles per week.

More hand washes, detergents, floor cleaning polishes and other strong chemicals are being used in more quantities than ever. Consequently, more water is being used to wash and clean, carrying more and more of these chemicals to nearest water bodies.

Large conglomerates shutting down did save a lot of energy, man-hours and space. Most of the start-ups and other IT firms now operate through virtual workspaces and digital mediums.

University and school students have been having online G-Meet or Zoom classes. Although these aren’t as effective to hold a child’s attention, teachers are trying their very best to make the best of this opportunity to help their students.

These are families of 5–10 or a housing society. But nothing beyond that. These are the only people you can probably interact with. And brand are facing a whole new challenge with trying to reach customers at such a niche level.

Why go and buy it when you can sit at home and try? Be it baking a cake for your dad’s birthday or making a DIY gift for your friend, people are opting out of buying from local vendors.

Travelling by bus or a local during the pandemic is like issuing a death sentence for oneself. With lesser crowds, you never know where the person next to you has come from.

Staying at home with wifi today is as good as being able to go out. Almost. We work, play, cook, and learn from home today, and data is teh new currency.

What is teh point of going to a mall if you cannot try out clothes, accessories and other merchandise just for fun? It is better to stay and home and order instead. Save you the time and offers you 100% safety from the virus.

Originally published at https://alfainfraprop.com on September 2, 2020.



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